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Who we are
Founded in 1997, the company Cioncolini Srl has roots in an ancient  history that began in 1861: a story that has seen the company evolve into one of Europe’s most significant productive powerhouses over time.


Cioncolini SRL Metal Processing

The company was initially located in the town of Terranuova Bracciolini, which sits in the province of Arezzo, at the centre of one of the region’s strategic zones. A first step, which – over time – has been followed by many more:


The founding of Cioncolini shop


Bicycle frame production started


Steelworking was introduced in the shop


The production of sheet metal roofings for industrial machines began


The Company continued to grow


Cioncolini Srl was founded

The quality of our work

Specialising over time in the production of sheet metal through ribbon and sheet printing, and followed by the use of lasers and punching machines, today we are able to manage the development of comprehensive assembly products, surface treatments and everything necessary for advising our clients.

Beginning in 2013, we also launched new production lines dedicated to electromechanical assembly. Today, Cioncolini has two locations, with a total area of approx. 22,000m², of which 6,000m² is covered.

To meet the changing needs of the market, we recently founded Cioncolini Rumena Srl.

Industry 4.0

From production to linked services

The market we serve is constantly evolving, and with it the needs of our clients, who no longer require “simple” metal sheet processing, but refined productions and the provision of a series of linked services that are more complex and flexible.

For this reason, we have dedicated human and economic resources to these new demands, concentrating on the provision of high-quality services, high levels of flexibility, and a production capacity based on 3 continuous shifts.

To support this new segment, we use software to manage working cycles, optimising processes and costs.


The brands that support us in the production phase

Cioncolini SRL

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