Born of Daniele Cioncolini’s passion for wine and his desire to enjoy high-quality wines personally, Wineplease is a concrete example of Cioncolini’s planning and production abilities.  

An expertise concentration

Design, validation, metal stamping, welding, laser cutting, electronics, and domotics are just some of the cioncolini specialisms used to found wineplease.

Produced within

our facility

This new technology, which is indispensable today, is constantly being asserted in the field of restaurants, hotels, and wine bars, allowing clients to taste glasses of various wines, celebrating their original organoleptic qualities.

This also allows us to pair various dishes to suitable vine varieties/denominations depending on the current tendencies within the restaurant world.

Born as a wine dispenser, Wineplease can also conserve other types of liquid, from olive oil to spirits (e.g. whisky, rum and vodka).

Various models are currently available on the market. Visit the official Wineplease website to find out more.



Client support

Planning and validation

To meet the demands of wine conservation, giving life to a product, validating its functions and realising industrial production. Essential expertise, which Cioncolini can offer thanks to its team.


The technologies and production capacities used by Cioncolini within Wineplease’s production cycle.



When industrial production meets the desire to innovate. A continuous search by the Cioncolini team has allowed the integration of a system linked to the world of domotics and smart products at Wineplease.


Customer care and assistance

More than production. With Wineplease, Cioncolini offers an assistance and support service at a global level, an example of the Brand philosophy that aims at client satisfaction.